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Meet the Photographer

“For me, every photograph is a portrait. (..) You're photographing a relationship with the person you're shooting; there's an exchange, and that's what that picture is.”

Peter Lindbergh

About me


Hi, I am Claudia Nagyivan, half German, half Hungarian, world travelled and living in Mallorca since 2006. With a background in opera and dance, photography has soon become my favorite hobby including some exhibitions in London, Aachen und Budapest. In my Berlin years 2008-2011 I worked as a film-maker producing successfully documentaries and trailers for the most important opera houses and cultural institutions such as the “Akademie der Künste Berlin”. 

During the Corona lockdown in 2020 I finally decided to turn my hobby into a profession and started working as a professional photographer. 

I combine my work as a photographer with my two other vocations, celebrating weddings and teaching singing and languages. 




As a wedding celebrant, I love connecting with people and always try to fill my words with light and love. I do the same with my photography.


The word Photography actually literally means ‘drawing with light’, which derives from the Greek photo, meaning light, and graph, meaning to draw. I would like to include “drawing with light and love”.


I truly love life and am grateful for every experience as I believe we are here on this planet in order to learn and to grow as human beings. Therefore I embrace all the colours and love to show off the personalities of my clients. Portrait photography is what I have loved doing all my life and hence is in line with my love for people and all living beings on this planet.


Supporting several animal rescue organizations in Mallorca I take photos of their doggies and kitten helping them to find them a new home soon.

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